Sensa Pen

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Sensa Pen - The World's Most Comfortable Pen. The Winner of Design Excellence by Industrial Designers Society of America. This pen is very comfortable that many writer will recommend it to anyone that has to write for a long time. Some of them even give a warning to not allowing your friends or co-workers to use it as they may not want to give it back :)

Sensa Pen History

Boyd Willat make a decision in 1985 to develop an ergonomic writing instrument in order to improve the comfort and reduce the stresses that occur through long writing.

During the research Boyd found the importance of weight and balance of a pen that contribute to the stresses during a long writing. After a decade of research and countless prototypes, he finally come up with a completely new ergonomic design. The radical design that change the way people use the writing instrument and take the ordinary pens and pencils to the new level that consumer never though before.

In 1995, he introduces SENSA to the market and have a very positive feedback from consumer. The new design give the writer with the specially designed gel grip ( using plasmium fluid ) that mold to writer’s fingers. As a result it reduces the overall stresses which normally occur through writing by over 50%.

Unfortunately the manufacturer has decided to discontinue the Sensa Pen line. But you still able to find the Sensa Pen from Online Store with reasonable price. Sensa Pen was also displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York

Who will ever though that it takes a decade to design a pen ? All his research is well received by writers around the world. No wonder his design get an award as the Most Comfortable Pen in the World ! If you do a long writing, you must to try this pen.

Sensa Pen Tips
- Don't use your pen to tap on solid object as it may damange its tip. As the tip can be damaged and make the pressurized refills loose the nitrogen pressure causing the refill to become erratic.

- Don't lose the spring as the new sensa pen refill does not come with the spring. Without the spring, you will not able to use your pen :(

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