Sensa Pen Refill

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Sensa Pen - the world's most comfortable pen offer various collections for different market from students to professional writers. Each collection require a different sensa pen refill. Basically there are 5 type of refill that cover all collection and all 5 type of refills will be discussed on the following section.

The first one is the Fountain Pen Refill. This refill is an international size fountain refill ( measure 1.5 inch ) that can be bought from any office supply store.

The second type of refill is the Sensa Pressurised Refill ( measure 3.5 inch ). This refill fits all original Sensa Pen collection. The pressurised refill is totally different from ordinary ballpoint refill. While the ordinary ballpoint pen refill depend on gravity to to push the ink, the pressurised technology use nitrogen to continuously push the ink. With the advance refill technology, sensa pens with pressurised refills can be used to write on any surface and any angle ( you can use to write upside cool is that ). There come with several colour option: black, blue, red, green, orange, purple, silver, gold, bulgandy, brown, and ultra violet ( that can only be seen in the dark so you can write a secret message in your letter :)

The third type of refill is the Gel and Ballpoint Refill. This refill fits Sensa Gel Pen and the Sensa Pen Stylist Collection. You can use the ballpoint pen refill to replace the gel pen and vice versa. The gel refill offer black, blue, green, red, purple. While the ballpoint refill only offer less colour option: black, blue and red

The fourth type of refill is the Rollerball Refill. These refills are only available in black, blue, green and red. Fit for sensa pen rollerball collection.

The Sensa Pen Cloud 9 refill only fit Cloud 9 collection as the refill have the longest measurement compare to the rest of sensa pen refills. It only offer in black and blue colour.

The last one is not actually a pen refill but a stylus. The stylus insert allow you to use the sensa pen to navigate the PDA, palm or any touch screen computer or hand held device. It fits with all Ballpoint with pressured refill ( 3.5 inches ) and Minx Collection. Unfortunately doesn't fit for Rollerball pen collection :(

If you want to get both pen and stylus, you may want to check Sensa Pen Minx Stylus Combo.

Hope the Sensa Pen Refill information may assist you to easily find your refill need.